The Ultimate Game Master Screen: Customizable & Affordable

Created by The Ultimate Game Master

The fully customizable, magnetic, portable and affordable game master screen for TTRPGs

Latest Updates from Our Project:

about 1 month ago – Tue, Nov 07, 2023 at 11:58:50 AM

Hey All! We got some new samples in and wanted to share a little about how things are progressing at the factory.

Improved Blank Magnetic Charts

Recieved our latest samples for the blank magnetic charts and we've managed to get them even thinner and lighter for easy portability and to be able to fold up in the screen. Also improved the color to match the screen better.

Blank Magnetic Charts

Magnetic Map Grid

Here's the first look at the sample for the acrylic magnetic map grid. Next iteration we'll move the magnets a little further in to better adhere to the metal panels but its looking great! 

Acrylic Magnetic Map Grid

Improved Cord Keeper

We've widened the 'mouse-hole' for computer/charging cable cords so that it goes edge to edge and prevents wear and tear. 

Mouse Hole Cord Keeper

Final Magbar Design

Latest and most-likely final sample for the Magbar! 

Final Magbar Sample holding a Creature Card

Improved Creature Card Holder

Most-likely our final sample for the creature card holder!

Creature Card Holder (Front)
Creature Card Holder (Back)

Final Dice Tray Sample

We've recieved the final sample of the Exclusive Dice Tray emblazoned with the UGM logo. 

Exclusive UGM Dice Tray

NEW Color Samples

Here are the latest samples for the Brown, Red and Green screens!

Brown UGM Screen
Green UGM Screen
Red UGM Screen

Rings of Chaos!

As you know, we love to boost the signal of awesome things our friends are working on. This time, our good friend Matthew Lillard and the team at Beadle & Grimms have launched their campaign for an incredible card game called Rings of Chaos!  CHECK IT OUT HERE! 

2 months ago – Tue, Oct 03, 2023 at 08:28:59 AM

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Great start! We're working on some fixes... Check'em out.
3 months ago – Mon, Sep 18, 2023 at 06:50:53 AM

Hi Game Masters! 

Stitching is REALLY important in a product you want to last. So we're fixing some of the following issues!

Double Stitching in weird places: 

Some of the stitching is doubled up. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Stitch pulling? No! 

Some of the stitches are pulling at the materials and causing them to sheer slightly. Not cool! Gotta fix!

The cable hole needs work... 

Changing the hole from a "mouse hole" shape to where the blue-line is. More of a "soft curve" to preserve corners.

That's where we're at! We're making real progress on everything and it's going to be awesome! 

We'll be posting more updates soon! 

Thanks for being part of this!!

The Ultimate Game Master Team

Last chance. Pledges are locking Tomorrow.
4 months ago – Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 05:33:34 AM

Hello Game Master!  

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Hopefully this helps!

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The Ultimate Game Master Team

Five days left! Don't miss out and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
4 months ago – Mon, Aug 14, 2023 at 06:55:43 AM

Hello Game Master!

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